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Understanding Dab Nails: Titanium, Quartz, and Ceramic Compared

Welcome to the world of dabbing! Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast
or a curious newcomer, the type of nail you use can significantly impact your experience. Today, we're diving into the differences between three popular types of dab nails: titanium, quartz, and ceramic……

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What is E-Nail? A Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to Elevating Your Smoke Experience

In the evolving world of smoke consumption, e-nails have emerged as a game-changer for enthusiasts seeking precision, safety, and consistency in their experience. This guide is designed for beginners, providing you with all you need to know about using an e-nail effectively and enhancing your smoke sessions……

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How to use your Enail Dab Kit (Enail dab kit Manual)

To check how to use your enail properly. Read before use. Putting the Coil On Your Titanium Nail. First, Screw off the top plate of the titanium nail. Second, Place the coil in the middle of the nail. Last, Screw back the top plate. How to clean your titanium nail How to clean your heating coil……

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