How to use your Enail Dab Kit (Enail dab kit Manual)

How to use your Enail Dab Kit (Enail dab kit Manual)

How to use your Enail Dab Kit (Enail dab kit Manual)

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  • Persons under 18 are not allowed to use.
  • DO NOT touch the heating coil when start up to prevent being burned..
  • Be careful to set the temerature over 999 ℉. It may damge the coil.
  • Please ALWAYS cut the power off when you leave to avoid accidents.


  1. Connecting the Enail Coil to the PID controller.
  2. Connecting the Power Cord to the PID controller.
    DO NOT Turn on the power on this step.
  3. Putting the Coil On Your Titanium Nail.
    First, Screw off the top plate of the titanium nail.
    Second, Place the coil in the middle of the nail.
    Last, Screw back the top plate.
  4. Putting The Heating Coil on any dab rig or
    bong you are going to dab with.
  5. Turn on the power by pressing the power
    button. The default temperature is 700℉.
  6. Setting the temperature
    1. Press the SET button on the control panel,
    enter setting mode, the index start flashing.
    2. Press UP arrow the DOWN arrow and to select the number,
    press RIGHT arrow to selcet the next number.
    3. Press SET again to finish setting and quit the setting mode.
  7. Now the PID should start working to heat the coil to the
    temperature you’ve set.


MUST Turn off the power and unplug the cord after each use.
The coils can still be at high temperature even after turn off the power.
You need to wait at least 15 mins before touching both of the nail and
the titanium nail.
In order to maintence the dab kit. We suggest clean your titanium nail
and coil after each use.

How to clean your titanium nail

For each use clean, the recoomend way is to heat the nail to 850℉
Then use metal scarping tool to clean the residue.

Please DO NOT touch the nail by hand while cleaning, use tongs or
other tools to prevent being burned!
Otherwise, soak the nail into rubbing alcohol for 10 mins for a deep
clean. Make sure there is no remain alcohol on the surface of the nail
before next dab. Preventing potential body harm by ingesting fumes
from rubbing alcohol.

How to clean your heating coil

Similar to titanium nail, use alcohol wipe to clean the coil by hand.
Please note that you CAN NOT use water to clean the coil, since it
has temperature sensor inside, which you must prevent any water
getting into the coil.


  • Please avoid children or pets reaching the product.
  • This product only sells to smokers aging over 18 years. Non-smokers,
    children, pregnant women or any other persons can not smoke with
    medical evidence are fobidden to use.
  • Please avoid dropping or other violent actions to it when you use or
    carry. Any of these may lead to product broken or hurt people.
  • The kits includes matching heating coil. If customers buy coils themsevles,
    make sure the rated voltage and raged power is the same with
    local power. If person damge caused by third-party coil, we will not
    assume any legal responsibility.
  • This product is non-watertight, please keep it dry when use or store it.

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